Sunday Oregonian Ad Form


IF YOU HAVE A CONTRACT ON FILE FOR THIS YEAR (Aug. 1, 2017- July 31, 2018), fill out the form below by 5:30 pm THURSDAY – 10 DAYS before the ad run date.
(Note: we do not have any non-contract space available.)

Ads are running on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY through the end of the contract year. FOR OPENS, PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER IT IS OPEN ON SATURDAY, SUNDAY OR SAT & SUN, AFTER the open time. (EXAMPLE, 2-4 pm, Sat & Sun or 1-3 pm, Sunday)

PROOF YOUR AD care fully BEFORE CLICKING SUBMIT. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail after your submission is completed.

Ads are due Thursday, Feb 22nd at 5:30 pm. Ad will run on Saturday March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th.


Oregonian Display Ads

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