Green Homes Attracting More Buyers

“A recent survey of hundreds of residential builders throughout the U.S. shows that a majority of them found buyers willing to pay up to 25 percent more for a green-built home.  Are you one of them?

A green home is one built for conservation-minded use, with sustainable materials, designs and technology.  It uses less energy and natural resources and creates less waste.  It’s healthier and more comfortable for people who live in them than a traditional home.

If you don’t want to move, or spend the money for a green home, you can change your existing home toward being green by using basic weatherizing and energy-saving tools like:  programmable thermostats, correcting air leaks from the outdoors, insulation, fluorescent light bulbs, maintenance to your HVAC. 

The Northwest has the highest certification for green buildings in the U.S., rated by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), created in 1993.  U.S. Green Building Council is an excellent resource for many of the steps that can be taken to help with global warming and the environment by “greening” up your home.

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  1. There can be tax benefits for taking steps toward having a more green home, too. The IRS web site says:

    “A recent tax law change provides a tax credit to improve the energy efficiency of existing homes. The law provides a 10 percent credit for buying qualified energy efficiency improvements. To qualify, a component must meet or exceed the criteria established by the 2000 International Energy Conservation Code (including supplements) and must be installed in the taxpayer’s main home in the United States.

    The following items are eligible:

    Insulation systems that reduce heat loss/gain
    Exterior windows (including skylights)
    Exterior doors
    Metal roofs (meeting applicable Energy Star requirements).”

    Their full article can be found at:,,id=154657,00.html

    Before you run out and buy materials, though, check out this link for 10% off qualifying Lowe’s purchases up to $5,000

  2. We agree. One New home we sold in Camas WA turned out to be about 40% more efficient than a similar model built only 2 years before! The builder used a hybrid heat-pump / gas furnace combo that has some excellent advantages.

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