Hard Truth For Sellers – Part 3

If you don’t have a safe deposit box, get one.  Store your valuables there that you can fit.  If you have valuables that won’t fit in the box such as a stamp collection, rare books, or those lovely porcelain commodes from Austria, find a place to store them securely.  Perhaps at a neighbor or relative’s home, or in your PODS.

If you take any type of ‘feel good’ medication, keep only a very small amount in the bathroom and hide the rest.

Have your REALTOR® place a lockbox on your house.  You need to have it ready to be shown nearly 24/7.   If a REALTOR® with a buyer has a choice of showing a house that is easily accessible, versus one that is difficult to show, which one do you think gets shown?


Provide a Home Warranty for the buyer.  You will save yourself a lot of potential headaches after the sale for a very low amount.   If the furnace doesn’t work when the buyer turns it on this Fall, think of how much money you saved by including this simple warranty.  Go towww.ahswarranty.com and learn more. 

More next week…

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