Hard Truths for Sellers Final Part – Part 4

Instead of guessing about the income needed for someone to buy your home, have your favorite lender print up a flyer giving 3 different ways the buyer can finance.  I have done this for years and it is amazing how many times a seller has said something along the lines of: “It is amazing that someone could put $120,000 down on my house and their payment is over $3,000 per month…who can afford that?”  This might help adjust your expectations to be more realistic.  For lending information and assistance, go to www.equity-home.com.

If you have a question about a legal issue, you will need to consult with an attorney.  Do not rely on your real estate agent for legal issues…they are licensed and educated in REAL ESTATE!

If you have a question about the tax ramifications of selling your property, you need to talk to an accountant. Do not rely on your real estate agent…they are qualified in REAL ESTATE, not accounting!

The buyer doesn’t care how much money you need.  Most buyers could give one rip about what a seller ‘needs’ or ‘wants’.   They are concerned only with their own needs and wants.I don’t care what price your neighbors are asking for their house: IT ISN’T SOLD!   As a seller, ask your REALTOR® for information on the amount similar properties actually SOLD for. 

The average market time in your area fluctuates, and is generally 60 – 90 days. Not the two days you heard from your buddy at work.

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