Hard Truths for Sellers – Part 1

You should have a prelisting inspection.  Also, repair or replace any of the larger items on the inspection report. Doesn’t it make sense for you to take care of any problems with the home before you agree with a buyer on a sales price?  Costs too much?  A $300 home inspection can actually make the seller money.  Do you have to replace the dry rot in the deck?  Bet you can get it done for less when you have time to get several contractor bids and the contractor doesn’t need to have the work finished in 6 days. 

LP siding? Replace it! The buyer is just going to subtract the cost of replacing the LP siding from your price anyway.  As a bonus, your house will look almost new with freshly painted siding, and perhaps smooth along the selling process.

Do you have an underground oil tank?  Get it decommissioned and the soil tested now!

More next week…

2 comments on “Hard Truths for Sellers – Part 1

  1. Pre-listing inspections are very seldom done in the Portland markets with the exception of relocation companies.

    They are a great idea and should be encouraged.

    Their use would probably lower the number of sale fails and make buyers respect sellers more.

    Proposing one would definitely separate an agent from the competition.

    Agents could work in conjunction with general contractors to take care of any deficiencies and may be able to adjust the list price to compensate for the repairs.

  2. Jim Vargo of WIN Home Inspections (503-922-0405) does a great pre-sale inspection. It is called a No Surprises inspection and he charges only $200!
    Having this type of inspection prior to listing helps to more accurately price the home. After this inspection, the seller is not blind-sided with unexpected costs mid-transaction and is a much happier client!

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