Hard Truths for Sellers – Part 2

Be honest…Is your house (at least partially) a mess? Cluttered? Landscaping overgrown? Inside need paint? Front steps, porch and door look dull? Go to www.3stepstosold.com and order the very simple and pleasant DVD to help with ideas of what needs to be done. Or, ask your real estate professional for resources for “staging” your home for sale.

Your roof, gutters and windows all need to be cleaned.  The roof is a large percentage of the view of the house from the street. A neglected roof and overflowing gutters can be yelling at a potential buyer:  “If you think I look bad, wait until you see the inside!”

Here is a tricky one:  Animal excretion smells.  I don’t care if YOU can’t smell it. Cats, dogs, birds and even Willie the Ferret create unpleasant odors to those who are not used to them. While your home is on the market, it should be a ‘Pet Free’ zone.

A garage is for cars.  It is not a storage area for all the stuff you don’t currently (and probably never will) use again. Go rent a ‘POD’.  It is a huge box into which you can put all your old skis, couches, snow tires, golf clubs and bicycles with flat tires. You can find information at www.pods.com. You lock the box and the PODS company hauls it away and stores it.  Wish I had thought of that idea. The garage will look larger with all the stuff out. The front of the house will look better without your cars (that you could never fit in the garage) in the driveway. The buyers will now be able to get an idea of how much of THEIR ‘stuff’ they can fit into the garage.

More next week…

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